Ten Reasons why Ambassador Baptist Graduate School May Be the Place for You

  1. We give primacy of place to preaching.
    We are above all a “school of the prophets” which trains men to preach. Our faculty has almost 400 years of combined experience in the ministry and over 65 years of combined experience in the office of the evangelist.
  2. We have a genuine and emphatically Baptist emphasis.
    The Baptist distinctives are grounded in the New Testament.
  3. We stand in the tradition of historic Fundamentalism.
    Historic Fundamentalism is Pauline Christianity.
  4. We offer a balanced curriculum that reflects the three-fold command of the Great Commission.
    Proper emphasis is just as important as proper doctrine.
  5. We have a mature and experienced faculty.
    All Bible faculty are pastoring or have pastored independent Baptist churches.
  6. We combine academic excellence with spiritual vitality.
    All department heads and many other faculty have earned doctorates. Scholarship on fire is intensely practical.
  7. We define our doctrine as Baptist biblicism with a dispensational slant.
    We are neither Calvinist nor Arminian.
  8. We have a traditional and conservative philosophy of music.
    Our music department is outstanding!
  9. We insist that all of our students, beginning in their freshman year, be active in the independent Baptist churches in our area.
    Many area pastors testify that our students have been a great encouragement to their churches.
  10. We have a strong, thoroughly Christian philosophy in the training of our Christian School teachers.
    Our program is for Christian schools only.

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