The Extraordinary Life


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The theme of the Word of God is redemption. From Genesis to Revelation, this theme is set forth in direct statement and in type. To con ne one’s study only to the New Testament is to miss sixty percent of the redemption account, for God has given the church a series of pictures of the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ in the early chapters of the Bible. It has been well-written, “The New Testament is concealed in the Old, and the Old Testament is revealed in the New.”

In our study of God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan, we see many types and illustrations of the Person and work of Christ, of the victorious Christian life and many other truths for the Church. This book is designed to bring an unbeliever who might read it to realize his or her need to trust in the redeeming work of the Lord Jesus Christ and to teach the believers the way to victory and spiritual growth in their lives.

As we study this photo album which God has given us, remember that every event is recorded for us today to teach us to trust God and obey Him that we might be partakers of His blessings.

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