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2019 End of Year Campaign

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving and Christmas are times when families come to visit and love is expressed.  It is also the time when Bible college students are finishing their fall semester and preparing for the spring.

At the close of each calendar year, we depend on friends and local churches to help us financially so we can keep our tuition rates affordable for our students.  This year is no exception.  Watch the video to learn more about the 2019 EOY offering and pray about giving a gift to ABC.

All gifts to the 2019 EOY are tax-deductible.

Give to 2019 End of Year Campaign

2019 Missions Conference at ABC

World evangelization is of the greatest importance at ABC.  On October 28 through November 1, ABC will be hosting its annual missions conference.  This year’s featured theme is “I Love To Tell The Story,” and the speaker for the week is veteran missionary Ron White.  Brother White has spent the majority of his ministry in the country of Japan and now travels across the country and around the globe in spreading the Gospel.

The 9:50 am chapels will be streamed live at, YouTube, and on the college Facebook page.  Each service will have a missionary testimony, ministry presentations, great music, and preaching on missions.  You will not want to miss these services.

Missionaries will be challenging the students on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 6:30 pm during the Mission Prayer Band sessions.  The week will conclude with a banquet on Friday night featuring Brazilian food and a question and answer time with the missionaries in attendance.

Here are a few reasons why you should watch at least one service . . .

  1. Every Christian needs to spread the Gospel, and hence is a missionary.
  2. God may want you to go as a missionary to a foreign field.
  3. Every Christian should be involved in the missionary endeavor (giving, going, praying, etc.)
  4. You need to stop listening to “bad news” and be encouraged by the “good news” of the Gospel.

New College Video

Did you know that you can learn a lot about ABC in four minutes?  Take a few moments to view the newest college video and hear Dr. Alton Beal describe Ambassador in six words.  If you are looking for a focused Bible college with quality academics and high standards, then pray about ABC.

Supporting churches, Christian schools, and others seeking to download the video to show in services or chapels may do so by emailing the college.

Not Ashamed – 2019-20 Theme

When the students returned to campus in August, they quickly learned of the new theme for the 2019-20 school year.  The theme “Not Ashamed” is taken from Romans 1:16 and was the subject of the concluding message of the opening revival.

If you missed the opening revival messages by Evangelists Rich Tozour and Alton Beal on August 26-30, click here to hear the messages that were preached during this special week.

Why Have An Opening Revival?

It used to be commonplace in Christian colleges to begin the school year with an opening revival.  Sad to say, this practice has diminished over the years.  Some schools have shortened their opening meetings while others have eliminated the practice altogether.  Why does a Bible college like Ambassador have opening revivals?  Here are three reasons to consider:

There is no better way to start a college year than drawing near to God.  When students come to ABC as a freshman, they experience a number of emotions. Some experience homesickness.  Others experience anxiety because of their unfamiliarity with a college environment.  The cure for these emotions and the many others is drawing closer to God.  God promised to draw near to us when we draw near to Him (James 4:8).

Revival is needed in our churches and our country.  Too often, Christian colleges have become scorners of revival instead of advocates for it.  Our next generation of preachers and Christian workers must have a hunger for righteousness and a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. 

The preaching of the Word of God can change lives.  God has promised to bless His Word, and on numerous occasions in the Bible, He worked powerfully through the preaching of the Word.  The Bible is a light for our path (Psalm 119:105) and a sword that pierces our soul (Hebrews 4:12).  The preaching of the prophets brought many under conviction, and the preaching of the Apostles led many to Christ.  In a day that has minimized preaching, we need Bible preaching more than ever.

The fall opening revival wil be held August 26-30. Evangelist Rich Tozour will be preaching each morning at 10 am and Dr. Alton Beal will be preaching in the evenings (except Wednesday night) at 7 pm.  All services can be watched at or on the college’s YouTube channel.  Your prayers for this special week are much appreciated.

Dr. Alton Beal
Evangelist Rich Tozour

Passing of Ryan Burchwell

The ABC family is deeply grieved at the passing of student Ryan Burchwell.  He went to be with the Lord shortly after a hunting accident on July 20.

The visitation will be held on Thursday, July 25 from 6-8 pm, and the funeral will be held at 11 am on Friday, July 26.  Both services will be held at Maranatha Baptist Church located at 413 Polkville Rd. In Shelby, NC.

Your prayers for the Burchwell family and the college would be greatly appreciated.

New Scholarship for Children of Alumni

ABC is delighted to announce that a new scholarship is available for the children of graduates of Ambassador. The Alumni Scholarship will be offered to the children of alumni who have graduated with a degree or certificate from ABC. Eligible students can receive $500 per semester. If both parents are graduates, then the amount is doubled to $1000 per semester.

Eligibility requirements include:

  • At least one parent is a graduate of ABC
  • Must have a good pastoral recommendation
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 for returning students
  • Approval from the Dean of Students office

An application may be downloaded by clicking here.  For any further questions, please contact the college finance office.

ABC graduates are serving the Lord around the world, and we want to do our part to encourage them and support them.

Introducing Duane Ream – Music Chairman at ABC

Duane Ream
Mr. Duane Ream

Since our inception in 1989, it has often been said that “Preaching is king and music is queen” at Ambassador.  As a ministry training college, our heartbeat is to train preachers and church musicians for the work of the ministry in the local church.

In continuing our philosophy of conservative, traditional church music, Ambassador is happy to introduce to you our new music chairman, Mr. Duane Ream.  Brother Ream is an accomplished pianist and church musician who is eager to impact his students for the cause of Christ.  Take a few moments to join us as we learn more about him . . .

ABC: We are excited about your upcoming ministry at ABC in the fall.  Could you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and salvation testimony?

Mr. Ream: Sure, I was born and raised in Ottawa, KS which is about an hour from Kansas City.  We attended a Baptist church and I accepted Christ when I was in the 5th grade.  My Sunday School teacher led me to the Lord on a Sunday evening.

ABC: Your love and passion for music is obvious. When did you begin playing and how did you develop during your childhood years?

Mr. Ream: My mom said that I conducted the choir when I was a baby!  I began taking piano in the second grade.  My dad bought a piano so I would be able to practice.  I took regular piano lessons from the second grade until the sixth grade.  After that, my ability in hymn improvisation began to take off.  I would try to play big chords even though my hands were not big enough.  During my junior high and high school years, I was able to be an accompanist in my local church.  In high school, an assistant pastor introduced me to a number of Gospel songs and hymns.

ABC: Where did you get your collegiate music training and what degrees did you earn?

Mr. Ream: I started at Bob Jones University in 1980 and earned two degrees.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Church Music and Master of Music degree.

ABC: Although you are well known for your influence in the classroom, tell us a little bit about your local church service.

Mr. Ream: Although I have always been involved in local church music, the Lord opened the door for me to become an assistant pastor and music director at a church near Pickens, SC about twelve years ago.  I really enjoy this ministry and am able to teach Sunday School as well.

ABC: What is your favorite part about church music?

Mr. Ream: I would have to say that it is congregational singing!  There is nothing quite like hearing a group of Christians passionately singing about the love of God.

ABC: What men have influenced you the most in church music?

Mr. Ream: Three names come to mind.  Dwight Gustafson taught me much about classical and sacred music.  Gail Gingery was a great choir director and showed me how to effectively interpret a Gospel song.  Frank Garlock provoked me to think biblically about a philosophy of music and taught me music philosophy in my early days.  He took a stand on biblical music philosophy in those days when it was not popular.

ABC: Between teaching in the classroom and serving in your local church, you probably don’t have a lot of free time.  However, what are some things outside of music that you like to do?

Mr. Ream: Well, I like to fish, but I don’t get to do it very much.  I also like HO scale model railroading, especially building scenery.

ABC: What is your vision for the music department at ABC?

Mr. Ream: Well, music should be part of the development of Christian character.  A person must have character if he or she is going into the service of the King.  You can have a lot of skill but no character.  I would also say that I want our students to have a high level of musicianship.  They should seek excellence for the Lord.  We owe it to them to give them the highest level of training to maximize their usefulness in the Lord’s work.  So, I guess in a nutshell, character/godliness and musicianship.

ABC: One last question before we close.  What are the two most important things that students should consider as they develop their piano skills?

Mr. Ream: The number one suggestion is that they must be willing to put the time into it.  Don’t be upset when you don’t get the results you wanted when you don’t put the time into it!  It takes time and dedication.  I would also say that the choice of teacher is very important.  Not every piano teacher is a good one.

ABC: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us. We are excited about the fall semester!

Mr. Ream: I am too!  My prayer is that God will raise up many to train in church music.

2018-2019 Award Winners

On Friday, May 3rd, a number of students received scholarships and special recognition related to the 2018-19 school year.  With the help of several private benefactors, a record-breaking amount of scholarships were offered for this school year.  Here are the award winners for this school year:

The World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions – Missions Scholarship –A $150 scholarship for an Ambassador Baptist College missions student that demonstrates a clear vision, passion, and desire for world evangelization. This scholarship is limited to male students who are classified as rising juniors. The recipient of this award is Kevin Elliot.

The World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions – Pastoral Studies Scholarship – A $150 scholarship for an Ambassador Baptist College pastoral student that demonstrates a clear vision, passion, and desire for world evangelization.  This scholarship is limited to male students who are classified as rising juniors. The recipient of this award is Garrison Snow.

Charles Sheppard Memorial Music Scholarship – A $300 scholarship presented by Mrs. Joan Nix Sheppard to a student in recognition of the display of exemplary character, diligence and discipline in piano and voice. The recipient of this award is Martha Spitsbergen.

Alfred B. Smith Music Scholarship – A $500 scholarship presented by alumni David and Ginger Smith to a student in recognition of diligence and discipline in the field of music. The recipient of this award is Kristin Quick.

Determined Ministries Evangelism Scholarship – A $500 scholarship presented by alumnus Richard Harper to a student who has excelled in displaying the gifts of an evangelist. The recipient of this award is Thomas Simpson.

Wayne Kirk Missions Scholarship – A $1,000 scholarship presented to a missions student in recognition of outstanding Christian testimony and service. The recipient of this award is Faith Hanny.

Priscilla Award – A $1000 scholarship presented to a female student in recognition of outstanding Christian leadership. The recipient of this award is Ruby Mikula.

Aquila Award – A $1000 scholarship presented to a male student in recognition of outstanding Christian leadership. The recipient of this award is Matthew Schrock.

The Kolb-Kennedy Memorial Missionary Scholarship – An $1,800 scholarship from Shining Light Baptist Church awarded to a missions student who will be doing a missions internship during the 2019 summer. The recipient of this award is Sydney Chambers.

Ray Blackman, Sr. Memorial Scholarship – A $3,600 ($1800 per semester) scholarship presented by the Blackman family to a rising senior who has demonstrated a godly character, academic diligence, and a strong determination to be in ministry. Ambassador Baptist College will recommend up to four eligible students and the Blackman family will select the recipient. Preference will be given to married students. The recipient of this award is Kyle Boylston.

Pastor Gene Cole Scholarship – A $7,000 scholarship (each student) presented by the Hoagland Family Christian Foundation to two pastoral students in honor of Gene Cole, Pastor of Devonshire Baptist Church. The recipients of this award are Timothy Hendricks and Stephen Cuthbertson.

President’s Award – An award presented by the President to a graduating senior in recognition of consistent, godly Christian character. The recipient of this award is Danny Adrian.                                                        

The Fundamentalist’s Award – An award presented to a graduating student at commencement who best displays the principles and practices of historic fundamentalism. The recipient of this award is Tim Brubaker.

Valedictorian Award – A Bible presented to a graduating student in recognition scholastic achievement. The recipient of this award is Abby Carlson.

Alumnus of the Year Award – A citation presented by the ABC College in recognition of diligence and faithfulness in ministry. Recipient needs to have been in the ministry for five years. The recipients of this award are John and Esther Uit de Flesch.

Commencement Week 2019

The Class of 2019 is preparing to graduate soon.  With every graduating class from ABC, more laborers are entering the harvest field of the world to sow the Gospel seed in the hearts of men.  If you are able, please join us in person or online at for some of the Commencement week activities.

Alumni Days

Alumni will be preaching in chapel on April 29-30 to challenge our student body to live for the Lord and do His will. Click here to learn more about the speakers and services.  At 6 pm on April 30th, the alumni will enjoy a meal in the cafeteria and updates from Dr. Beal.

Speech Recital

On Wednesday, May 1, students who have taken Mrs. Mason’s Speech Class will be presenting a play entitled “Just Plant the Seed.”  The recital will begin at 10 am and will be live-streamed at

Student Preaching Chapel

On Thursday, May 2 at 10 am, two graduating seniors will be preaching in the annual student preaching chapel. 

Commencement Concert

On Thursday, May 2 at 7 pm, the music department will be presenting an annual concert featuring vocal and instrumental selections.  At the conclusion of the concert, a Gospel message will be brought by Evangelist Rich Tozour.

Baccalaureate Chapel

On Friday, May 3rd at 10 am, Pastor TH Moore will be preaching and challenging the Class of 2019 to follow the Lord in faith.

Graduates’ Luncheon

At noon on May 3rd, graduates and their families will enjoy a picnic style meal in the Paul Levine Activity Center with faculty and the administration.


At 7 p.m. on May 3rd, the Class of 2019 will receive their diplomas and certificates.  Scholarship awards will also be presented during the ceremony.  The service will conclude with a Gospel message brought by ABC graduate Richard Harper who is an evangelist.