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Spring 2020 Honor Roll

Each semester, ABC recognizes those students who have displayed academic diligence. These designations are awarded to full-time undergraduate students and graduate students who take six or more hours. The college is pleased to recognize the following students for their hard work during the Spring 2020 semester:

President’s List

Semester GPA of 4.0

  • Kyle Burchwell
  • Colin Connor
  • Josiah Crow
  • Isaiah Cuthbertson
  • Rebekah Cuthbertson
  • Stephen Cuthbertson
  • Samuel Hanke
  • Sarah Hanke
  • Charissa James
  • Christian McCain
  • Joy Nichols
  • Kristin Quick
  • David Smith
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Jonathon Smith
  • Micah Villanueva
  • Rebecca Villanueva
  • Sara Ward
  • Charissa Willis

Dean’s List

Semester GPA of 3.50–3.99

  • Arthur Acosta
  • Aubrey Acosta
  • Abigail Bilbrey
  • Elisabeth Bonnell
  • Lauren Boyer
  • Kody Boylston
  • Elizabeth Darling
  • Laura Deatrick
  • Alyxandra Downs
  • Bethany Greiner
  • Faith Hanny
  • Chad Harrison
  • Trophimus Hendricks
  • Charles Krafcheck
  • Sarah Lee
  • Gioacchino Malerba
  • Ruby Mikula
  • Richard Parker
  • Nikayla Ring
  • Rachel Risinger
  • Isaac Rivenbark
  • Laura Schwanke
  • Grace Smith
  • Michelle Smith
  • Martha Spitsbergen
  • Colton Wagner
  • Annie Wales
  • Micah Willis
  • Jason Windnagle

Honor Roll

semester GPA of 3.00–3.49

  • Jared Beal
  • Emalyn Deatrick
  • Larissa Downs
  • Isobel Eddy
  • Andrew Haines
  • Anna King
  • Sairah Lucas
  • Forrest Miller
  • Jessica Skochelak
  • Garrison Snow


We are actively monitoring the status of COVID-19 guidance and any potential impact on our Camp Barnabas, which is scheduled for July 20-24, 2020.  It is still our hope to host the camp on its scheduled date.  We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and do what is in the best interest of our campers.  A number of other Christian camps are holding out their hopes for July as well.

In the event of a camp cancellation, all deposits and fees that have been prepaid will be refunded.  In the meantime, pray that we will be able to host this special week in July.  The present situation in our world only highlights the fact that the world needs Jesus!

May 2020 Commencement Delayed

Every year, Ambassador Baptist College celebrates the accomplishments and the potential of each graduate.  Due to COVID-19, the Commencement service scheduled for Friday, May 8 has been postponed and rescheduled for Friday, August 28 at 7pm.  This change has been made with the hopes that family and friends will be able to attend this special service honoring the Class of 2020.

More details on Commencement week activities will be shared in the weeks to come. 

ABC Coronavirus Response Update

Please check this page regularly for updates.

12/11/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

No cases of COVID were reported among students or faculty and staff.

12/04/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

While out for Thanksgiving Break, one commuting student tested positive for COVID and was placed in quarantine at home. No other cases were reported among students or faculty and staff members.

11/27/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

Two commuting students were quarantined due to exposure to the virus. No positive tests or quarantines were reported among the faculty or staff.

11/20/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

One commuting student was in quarantine due to exposure to the virus.  No positive tests or quarantines were reported among the faculty or staff.

11/13/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

This week, one town student was quarantined due to exposure.  No positive tests were reported among students or staff.

11/06/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

This week, no students or staff members tested positive or were quarantined for COVID.

10/30/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

As of today, there are two resident students in quarantine due to exposure to the virus. No students tested positive this week.

One faculty member tested positive this week and is now in quarantine. No staff members have tested positive or are in quarantine.

10/23/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

No positive tests were reported among students this week, and none are in quarantine.

One faculty member went into quarantine and tested positive for the virus.

Students and staff will be health screened when they return from Fall Break the following week.

10/16/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

No students tested positive for COVID this week. Two off campus students remained in isolation due to possible exposure.

No faculty or staff members tested positive this week, and none were in isolation or quarantine.

Upon return from fall break, staff and students will be health screened before reentering to complete the semester.

10/09/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

The college is glad to report that there were no new positive tests this week. One dorm student is in quarantine and two commuting students are in isolation due to possible exposure.

One staff member remains in isolation due to exposure.

ABC is thankful for the diligence of the college family and for the hand of the Lord. Continue praying for the health of those on our campus.

10/02/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

The college has seen a significant decline in positive tests and quarantines this week.

As of today, three students tested positive this week and five students are in quarantine.

Two staff members tested positives this week and six remain in quarantine.

The college continues to promote social distancing, mask wearing, and frequent hand washing as mandated by the State of North Carolina.

Any students experiencing symptoms should immediately report to the Dean of Students Office.  Faculty and staff members should report to Mr. Randy Bunn.

9/25/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

This week, the college saw a spike in coronavirus cases. Thankfully, these cases are not linked in clusters.  However, the college is working on refining protocols to flatten this curve.

As of today, eighteen dormitory students were housed in isolation and tested positive for the virus. Five commuting students were quarantined at home after manifesting symptoms.  Those students tested positive. Several of these students will finish their quarantine this weekend.

Three staff members and two faculty members remain in quarantine after testing positive. Several of these will finish their quarantine this weekend.

When reading these stats, please remember that some of these are carry-overs from the previous week and are not necessarily new cases.

Overnight visitors are not allowed in the dormitories and all visitors are screened before being allowed to walk through the campus.

Students experiencing symptoms should contact the Dean of Students office. Staff members who are symptomatic should contact Mr. Randy Bunn.

9/18/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

As of September 18, two dormitory students have tested positive and have been quarantined.  Nine dormitory students have been isolated after manifesting symptoms and have been tested and are awaiting results.

1 commuting student has been isolated and is waiting for test results.

Three faculty/staff members have tested positive and are at home in quarantine.

Students who are experiencing COVID symptoms or have been exposed should contact Mr. Nate Metcalf or Mrs. Wanda Luiken.

Employees who are experiencing COVID symptoms or have been exposed should contact Mr. Randy Bunn.

9/11/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

This week, three students were put into isolation and tested for COVID-19.  Two students tested positive and one tested negative.  The student with the negative test was released back into the student body. One of the positives has gone home to quarantine and the other remains in the quarantine dorm.

The cumulative total for positive tests is now at 5. In each of these cases, the students were isolated.

One staff member has been quarantined at home because of coming in close contact with someone who tested positive.

Students are reminded to follow all protocols and to report any sickness or illness to the Dean of Students office.

9/04/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

As ABC completes its first full week of classes for the Fall 2020 semester, the health and safety of our college family continues to be an important priority.

As of Friday, September 4, ABC had two (2) confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 on campus. These students were isolated after manifesting symptoms and will soon complete their quarantine.

We have no staff, faculty, or commuting students who are in isolation.  

As a reminder to students, please report to the Dean of Students office if you are not feeling well.  Faculty and staff members should report to the business office.

8/10/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update


Ambassador Baptist College is excited to open its doors for the 2020-21 school year.  The college is committed to giving the student the highest quality in-class education in a healthy and safe environment. The administration has developed procedures and protocols in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. 

Two documents have been developed to inform students and their parents of the college’s plans for the fall.  The Reopening Plan provides a general overview of ABC’s efforts to reopen the campus. It also lists procedures to provide a health-conscious atmosphere and continuity in classroom instruction.  The Guide for Parents and Students gives students an idea of what to expect when they arrive on campus for the first time.  It also gives a glimpse of what students can expect throughout the semester. 

Questions about . . .

ABC will maintain a regular class and chapel schedule for the semester while practicing social distancing.  When social distancing is not possible, masks will be required.  Please refer to the documents listed earlier for specifics.

Over the past few months, we have asked God to provide wisdom according to James 1:5.  Please pray for the spiritual and physical health of our students and staff as we prepare to begin classes on August 26th.

5/11/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

Ambassador Baptist College continues to operate within the guideline as defined in Executive Order 138 by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper.  Essential faculty and staff members needed for daily operations are able to work on campus.  Staff members who are able to work from home continue to do so.

Commencement has been rescheduled for Friday, August 28 at 7 pm.

Summer school classes are being held online and will continue through May 26.

The summer travel groups have been cancelled for the summer.  Travel groups will resume in the fall semester.

Camp Barnabas is still scheduled for July 20-24. In the event of cancellation, all fees and deposits will be totally refunded.

The regulations ordered by the federal, state, and local governments will continue to be monitored.  More guidance will be issued by the May 22nd expiration of the current Executive Order.

ABC will continue to promote social distancing and sanitation protocols on campus to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.  To date, no faculty or staff member has contracted the virus.

3/26/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

(No member of the college faculty or staff has been diagnosed as contracting COVID-19)

In light of the Executive Order issued by the Governor of NC on Friday, March 27, Ambassador Baptist College has made the following changes:

  • Non-essential faculty and staff members will work from home instead of their offices beginning March 30th.
  • The College switchboard will be answered and messages will be forwarded to staff and faculty members.
  • Returning dormitory students will not be allowed into the dorms after 5 pm on Monday, March 30th.  Items left in the dorms may be retrieved at a later date determined by the administration.

The items listed above will be in effect until Monday, April 13th.  The college will continue to monitor state and federal guidance.

Online classes will begin at 7:30 am on Monday, March 30th.  Students have been emailed all of the information necessary for online instruction via Populi and Zoom. 

3/19/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

After consulting with state and local authorities, Ambassador Baptist College has decided to finish the spring 2020 semester with online classes.  While we favor face to face instruction, we believe that this method will give our students the best instruction given the uncertain nature of the weeks ahead.

The Spring Break will continue to be extended through March 29th. This will allow teachers the time to upload online content for their classes.

Online classes will begin on Monday, March 30th. All students will be emailed instructions on how to use Populi for their online work.  Students not receiving an email by Wednesday, March 25th should contact Mr. Matthew Hanke for instructions to finish the semester.

Students are advised to not get jobs that would interfere with the regular class day.  There is a very real possibility that classes will be offered real-time throughout the class day.  A thirty-minute chapel service will also be featured every day.

Students who will be returning in the fall will receive a credit for any room and board expenses that have been prepaid. Graduating seniors will receive a cash refund for any room and board that has been prepaid. 

Commencement is still scheduled for Friday, May 8th.  The college will continue to monitor the situation and will make a determination about graduation as the time draws closer.

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our college family.  We praise the Lord for this and will continue to pray for the health of our staff and students.

3/13/2020 ABC Coronavirus Response Update

Over the past few days, the Administration of ABC has been monitoring the growth and impact of the COVID-19 virus.  There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on our campus.  While we are grateful for this fact, we also realize that a reasonable and prudent response is necessary for the well-being of the members of our college family.

After consulting with local and state authorities, ABC will take the following actions:

  • We will extend Spring Break for one extra week. The break will now conclude on March 29th instead of March 22nd.
  • We will cancel the Spring Bible Conference (services and special events) scheduled for March 23-27.
  • We will continue to monitor the impact of the virus with federal, state, and local authorities.
  • If deemed prudent, we will restart classroom instruction on Monday, March 30th. If the circumstances do not allow for this, then we will deliver the remainder of the classes for the spring 2020 semester online.
  • A decision about Commencement will be made at a later date.

Why extend Spring Break for another week?

An extra week will allow the administration to further evaluate the impact of the virus.  It will also allow time for online content to be prepared to ensure academic continuity in the event that classroom training cannot resume.

What will happen to students who planned on staying for the break?

Students planning to live in the dorm over the break will have a place to stay. The college will waive any charges for the week and do what it can to promote good health. In the event a student becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms, a quarantine area will be provided until adequate health services can be rendered.  The dean of students office can answer any questions that students or their parents may have.

What happens if students return on March 30th?

In the event that classroom instruction resumes on Monday, March 30th, the dean of students office will conduct a travel audit in which every student will have to document their travels over the break and whether or not they have come in contact with someone who has received a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.  The dean of students office must approve each student who resumes classroom instruction in April.  Students who have been designated high-risk by health officials, have been diagnosed with the virus, or have traveled in level 2 or 3 countries (as designated by the CDC) will not be allowed to attend classroom instruction. The college will provide online class delivery to those who are restricted from returning in the classroom.

What is the college doing to lessen the risk of contracting COVID-19?

The college will increase its cleaning and disinfecting protocols with a particular emphasis on the common areas throughout the campus.  The college will prepare quarantine areas in the events that students staying on campus need to be isolated.  The college will make ensure that hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the campus.  In addition, we will encourage our students to take extra precautions as outlined on

What can students and staff do to minimize the risk of COVID-19?

The methods found here on the website outline simple measures to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the midst of this health event, our college family will resolve to “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” (Philippians 4:6)

Spring 2020 Opening Revival

ABC is excited to begin the spring 2020 semester with an Opening Revival on January 13-17.  Evangelist Mike Pelletier and Evangelist Richard Harper will be preaching in the services.  The morning chapel services will begin at 10 am and the evening services (none on Wednesday) will begin at 7 pm.

Every semester at ABC begins with a full week of revival services to provide a strong spiritual challenge to the faculty, staff, and student body.  All of the services may be live-streamed on the college’s Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Evangelist Mike Pelletier
Evangelist Richard Harper