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About the Graduation Offering

Every year, local churches and friends of Ambassador Baptist College give to the college because they believe in the importance of training the next generation for the Lord’s work. One of the ways many choose to support ABC is through the annual Graduation Offering.

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by May 31st to ensure that we can continue to provide quality training for our students. Without it, we will need to drastically raise tuition and room and board rates and/or cut programs that are vital to their training.

We constantly encourage our students to follow the words of Jesus found in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” We want them to be givers in their local churches and be sensitive to the needs of others. Will you pray about being a part of the 2017 Graduation Offering and having a part in training men and women for the Lord’s work?

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Description: Graduation Offering


Five Reasons We Need Your Support


Ambassador has a single focus: training men and women for local church ministry. Our graduates have more hours of Bible after graduating with a four-year degree than any other Bible college in America. Along with a Bible core, they receive practical instruction in their choice of ministry emphasis.


In a day when many are trained for the ministry by career academicians, ABC’s classrooms are filled with men and women who are veterans in ministry. They draw not only from their past studies, but also from their experiences in the Lord’s work. An education received from graduate assistants and rookies in the ministry will lack the depth that is needed.


Family is proven to be one of the most influential forces in our lives. At ABC, our college family is comprised of students from more than 30 states and staff members who come from a variety of backgrounds. In the end, we bear one another’s burdens, encourage each other, and have a strong desire to serve the Lord.


Every college education has a price. ABC students pay for 70% of that education and the remaining 30% is funded by local churches and friends of the college. An increasing number of Christian school graduates are graduating with excessive amount of debt that hinder them in the future ministry. Neither the students nor the college receives government funding. The monies received from students and the kind gifts of folks like you keep the doors open.


Do you believe that the future of our country and world can be shaped by the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Every year, graduates leave ABC and enter full-time ministry to declare the Good News of Jesus Christ. Close to 1,000 alumni of ABC are serving in the ministry today. More are needed to brighten the future for some of the darkest areas of the world.