From My Heart

At Ambassador Baptist College, the Lord is assembling an army of young men and women to follow Jesus. Students from more than 30 states have joined us this year to get a Bible foundation and train to serve the Lord.

In a school year that has been challenging because of COVID, we have seen the Lord do some amazing things. He gave us more new students than the previous years, and He has blessed us with good health. These difficulties have resulted in God being glorified.

As we look ahead to the summer months, we need your help. From February to June, we are asking churches and individuals to prayerfully consider participating in the 2021 Graduation Offering (GO) to help us train men and women for the ministry. Thirty-five percent of our operating budget comes from donations. This enables us to keep our rates affordable for our students. By participating in the GO, you will help both the college and every student.

Do you believe it is vital to get the next generation ready for the ministry? Do you want to encourage servants of the Lord to follow Jesus? If so, then share in our burden by being a part of the 2021 GO.

Alton Beal

Matthew 16:24

Our GO Goal is $150,000

  • General Budget – $100,000
  • Capital Improvements – $50,000


Over the past couple of years, we have focused our fundraising efforts on student scholarships. While we will continue to help them, we must also take care of some important needs on campus. Taking care of these needs will help us be good stewards of our facilities and will benefit our students. Needs this year:

  • Roof replacements for Administration Building and the main walkway
  • Staff housing renovation 
  • Office renovations
  • Dormitory furnishings


When we opened our doors in August to welcome our students back on campus, we took a step of faith. We knew that a number of changes would have to be implemented to make a way for our students to return. It was not the cheapest thing to do, but it was the right thing to do. COVID has caused:

  • An increase in man hours for janitorial and kitchen work-aid to meet COVID protocols.
  • An increase in kitchen and janitorial supplies for increased cleaning and campus changes.
  • The inability to have music teams in churches this past summer.
  • Limited opportunities for music teams to minister in churches this school year because of service cancellations related to COVID.

God is greater than all of these obstacles. Instead of passing the added costs to our students, we are trusting the Lord to meet our needs. The GO will be an important part of this.

Amount raised: $128713.00

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