Why Give in the 2018 Graduation Offering?

Graduation Offering 2018

Every year, churches and friends join together to participate in the annual Graduation Offering at ABC. This offering supports the general fund of the college and helps fund special projects and student scholarships. Why should you prayerfully consider helping with the GO? You should because the gifts of our helpers are assisting our graduates get the Gospel out in places like these:

Pinehurst, Idaho

Pinehurst is a small town located in the northern tip of Idaho. You will not find an abundance of Bible-preaching churches in this part of the country. Many have decided that the Mormonism that saturates this part of the country will prevail. However, in Pinehurst you will find a Baptist church where the Gospel is being faithfully preached Sunday after Sunday. God is still calling for laborers to do a pioneering work in the western United States.

Vanavara, Siberia

The average high temperature in January is just under 9° Fahrenheit. The tundra has been deprived of the warmth of the sun, and many hearts are in need of the light of the Gospel. The call of God causes a man to move his family from the creature comforts of America to share the truth in a cold part of the world.

Solomon Islands

More than 500,000 people live in the midst of the South Pacific Ocean. While many Americans could not tell you the general locations of these islands, the cults and members of organized religion have found them and are preaching a false gospel. God is still calling people to go to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Grosseto, Italy

Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion. This town of more than 80,000 is near the western coastline of the country. While there is an abundance of water within ten miles of the town, there is a great need for the water of God’s Word. A church has been planted, and there is a desire to start many more in the region in the years to come.

Thika, Kenya

This town of more than 125,000 people is located less than 30 miles from Nairobi, the nation’s capital. In recent years, this town has grown rapidly, and the need for the Gospel is greater than ever. Not only does this town have a Bible-preaching church, but there is also a Bible college in the area to train nationals.

What do all of these places have in common? ABC graduates are serving in each of them. There are many other towns, countries, and regions of the world that need to hear the Gospel story. Give to the 2018 Graduation Offering today and help us train laborers in the days to come.

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