Founder’s Day

On Saturday, October 11th, ABC hosted its annual Founder’s Day celebration to honor Dr. and Mrs. Ron Comfort. The festivities started with a softball game and children’s games in the early afternoon. At 4 p.m., the college family gathered for a fish fry featuring several kinds of seafood. A special thanks goes to the Mitchum family from Charleston, SC for providing enough seafood to feed more than 250 people.

After the meal, everyone gathered together in the Torrey Auditorium for a time of fun and reflection. Ten students were picked to participate in a game called “Comfortology 101.” In this game, each student was asked a question about the Comforts. The prizes awarded varied from lapel pins to a $500 scholarship for the fall semester. After the game, staff members and students gave testimonies about the influence that the Comforts have had on them through the years. At the conclusion of the program, the Comforts were presented with engraved watches for their dedication and service at ABC.