FOLLOW JESUS – Theme for 2020-21 School Year

Did you know that the disciples lived in a time of political chaos and uncertainty?  The Roman Empire overtook the land of Israel and the family of Herod the Great was in control.  John the Baptist was killed for being a mouthpiece of righteousness.  Religious leaders were scheming to kill Jesus and to turn the government against Him.  People were confused about who Jesus Christ was.

In the midst of those days, what did Jesus ask His disciples to do?  In Matthew 16:24, He asked the disciples to “Follow Me.”  The request of Jesus in those days still rings loud and true today.  He is asking His children to follow Him.

The theme for the new school year is Follow Jesus.  In the midst of political unrest and the uncertainties provoked by COVID-19, we are asking our college family to follow Jesus like they have never followed Him before.  Pray for all of us at Ambassador to follow Jesus without reserve and wholeheartedly in this challenging day.

The disciples followed Jesus in a unique day and you can too!