MI101.2: Introduction to Missions 2 credit hours

A presentation of modern missions, intended to prepare those majoring in missions for further study and service, while challenging others to become more involved in the Great Commission both at home and abroad.

MI102.2: Theology of Missions 2 credit hours

An overview of the Biblical teaching regarding missions, from Genesis to Revelation. Consideration will be given to particular issues and current trends facing missionaries today, contrasting God’s design for reconciliation with man’s theological solutions.

MI201.2: Missionary History 2 credit hours

Significant movements and men from apostolic days to the present are studied in order to evaluate the progress of Christian missions in all the major mission fields of the world.

MI301.3: Indigenous Church Planting 3 credit hours

Instruction will be provided on planting and developing self-governing, self-supporting, self-propagating Baptist churches on the mission field. Discussion will proceed from initial philosophical considerations through practical steps of leadership training and church organization, to the relationship between the missionary and the mature indigenous church.

MI401.3: Life and Work on the Mission Field 3 credit hours

A practical, hands-on course treating the realities of cross-cultural living and missionary ministry, with the goal of preparing students to become both adaptable and effective within a Biblical context. Subjects will include family issues such as housing, education, and the role of the missionary wife; legal issues such as residency requirements and taxation; and ministry issues such as learning the language, first steps in church planting, and co-laboring with national pastors.

MI602.3: Linguistics For Missionaries 3 credit hours

An introduction to phonetics, phonology, and syntax. Special attention will be given to universal structure and principles that occur across languages. Students will solve language problems from English and other languages.

MI604.2: Missionary Ethics & Relationships 2 credit hours

A study of the basic principles that should govern missionary relationships with supporting churches, supporting pastors, the mission agency, and especially other missionaries with whom they work. The purpose is to strengthen relationships and avoid conflicts.

MI503.2: Theological Issues In Missions 2 credit hours

This course will analyze selected theological problems facing missionaries and will consider Biblical solutions. Special consideration will also be given to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world, the eternal destiny of the heathen, Biblical absolutism and cultural relativism, signs and wonders, and charismatic issues.