BI508.2: Christology 2 credit hours

A systematic study of the person and work of Jesus Christ, His deity, His humanity, His death, burial, and resurrection, and His exaltation.

CE501.3: Christian Education Of Children 3 credit hours

An investigation of the characteristics of the child with an emphasis on materials, methods, and agencies which can be used by churches to lead the child to salvation and spiritual development. Mention is made of the home schooling of children.

CE504.3: Christian Education of Youth 3 credit hours

An intensive study of the developmental characteristics of the adolescent. An examination of philosophy, principles, methods, materials useful in the training of adolescents, and the important role of the local church, Bible-centered, and Christian-service-oriented youth program.

BI606.2: Apologetics 2 credit hours

A defense of historical Christianity as stated in the Scriptures. Christianity is defended against various “isms” that have been its enemies, and these false views are refuted from the Bible. Among those systems studied are evolution, atheism, and humanism.