PT606.2: Pastoral Theology 2 credit hours

Accentuates the leadership qualities and qualifications of the pastor. Instruction on the administration of church ordinances and other functions such as weddings, funerals, and so on, in which a pastor is personally involved.

BI622.2: Psalms 2 credit hours

A study of the book of Psalms with special emphasis on the Messianic Psalms as they reveal the Lord Jesus Christ from eternity past to eternity future. Offered spring semester even numbered years.

MI503.2: Theological Issues In Missions 2 credit hours

This course will analyze selected theological problems facing missionaries and will consider Biblical solutions. Special consideration will also be given to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic world, the eternal destiny of the heathen, Biblical absolutism and cultural relativism, signs and wonders, and charismatic issues.

BI623.2: Proverbs 2 credit hours

A study of Proverbs, with special emphasis on the practical application of these Biblical principles to Christian living. Offered fall semester even numbered years.

MI602.3: Linguistics For Missionaries 3 credit hours

An introduction to phonetics, phonology, and syntax. Special attention will be given to universal structure and principles that occur across languages. Students will solve language problems from English and other languages.

BI624.2: Isaiah 2 credit hours

A practical, historical, and analytical study with special attention given to the Messianic prophecies, including their fulfillment and relation to both Jews and Gentiles. Offered spring semester even numbered years.

MI604.2: Missionary Ethics & Relationships 2 credit hours

A study of the basic principles that should govern missionary relationships with supporting churches, supporting pastors, the mission agency, and especially other missionaries with whom they work. The purpose is to strengthen relationships and avoid conflicts.

BI518.3: Greek Exegesis: I Corinthians 3 credit hours

A study of the principles of exegesis with a practical application to the texts of various New Testament books with special emphasis given to the preservation of the results of exegesis in each class. Prerequisite: BI 316.3 or equivalent.

BI625.3: Theology I 3 credit hours

A consideration of Bibliology, Theology Proper, and Christology. Classroom instruction intended to prepare the student for an eventual ordination council.

MU514.3: Song Leading And Church Music Administration 3 credit hours

Basic patterns and styles of leading congregational singing are covered. Platform technique, choosing of correct literature for the service, and music philosophy are also developed, as well as training in the setting up and administrating of the total music program in the local church.