CE408.2: The Assistant Pastor 2 credit hours

A study of the Biblical role of a “Joshua.” An investigation of the process from candidating, serving, dealing with differences, and changing fields of service. Attention will be given to the Biblical understanding of an assistant.

CE302.3: Teaching Techniques 3 credit hours

A study of principles basic to Christian teaching, including lesson plans, audiovisual techniques, and the organization and management of materials for effective classroom presentation. Same as ED 302.3.

CE306.2: Help Meet 2 credit hours

A course designed to instruct women to be prepared to serve God. The role of help meet will be given special consideration: her Biblical creation, her God-given role and responsibilities, and her necessary godly character.

CE310.3: Youth Ministries I 3 credit hours

An intensive study of the history of youth ministry and the developmental characteristics of the adolescent. An examination of philosophy (including the effects of Christian schools and home schools on the church), principles, methods, and materials useful in the training of adolescents, as well as the important role of the local-church, Bible-centered, Christian-service-oriented youth program.

CE312.3: Youth Ministries II 3 credit hours

A concentration on the implementation of a program, including preaching, teaching, evangelistic outreach, and public school adolescents. Emphasis will be given to practical projects of learning, including calendar and budget planning, games, retreats, and activities. Pre-requisite: CE 310.3 or equivalent.

CE401.3: Philosophy of Christian Education 3 credit hours

This course is designed to communicate discipleship in the home, in the church, and in the school. A philosophy, a history, and technique are covered using both theoretical and practical approaches to Christian Education. This course will cover everything from a church nursery, Sunday School, Junior Church, and mid-week children’s program to the local church Christian school and the role of the local church in the life of home schooling. Everything from writing curriculum to effective communication is covered. Same as ED 205.3.