CE 604.3: Church History II 3 credit hours

A survey of Christendom’s denominations in their development and doctrine. Comparison will be made with New Testament doctrine. This course will cover from the Reformation to the modern times.

BI101.3: Pentateuch 3 credit hours

An analysis of the content of the first five books of the Bible, with special attention given to creation, the fall of man, the flood, and the tower of Babel, along with a brief refutation of the critics’ arguments. The historical development of the Jewish nation from Abraham until the end of the wilderness wanderings is emphasized.

BI309.2: Hermeneutics 2 credit hours

A study of the science of Biblical interpretation following the dispensational approach, with emphasis on the literal, historical, and grammatical method of interpretation. Some difficult passages are given special attention.

BI418.3: Greek Exegesis (Corinthians) 3 credit hours

A study of the principles of exegesis with a practical application to the texts of various New Testament books, with special emphasis given to the preservation of the results of exegesis in each class. Prerequisite: BI 316 or equivalent.

BI312.2: Soteriology 2 credit hours

A systematic study of the Biblical doctrine of salvation. Includes a study of some of the great doctrinal words like repentance, election, faith, adoption, regeneration, sanctification, etc. Prerequisite: BI 213.3 or equivalent.

BI421.2: Job 2 credit hours

An analytical and expositional study dealing with the ever-present and ageless question, “Why do the Godly suffer?” Emphasis will also be made on the theological revelations found in this ancient book.