Camp Barnabas Covid-19 Adjustments

We are excited to still be able to have Camp Barnabas this year at Ambassador Baptist College!  We have all experienced adjustments to our regular routines during the Covid-19 situation, and camp will also see some minor changes. 

  • At camp check-in, we will be doing temperature checks on all campers and sponsors who will be staying for the week.  (We will not be able to accept anyone with a fever as a camper or sponsor.) 
  • We will do daily temperature checks and health screenings for camp staff, and staff will monitor campers daily for indications of illness as well. 
  • Housing will be arranged to provide as much distancing as possible, and only campers and camp staff will be allowed to enter camp housing facilities. 
  • Limits will be placed on outside visitors to camp during the week.   
  • We will be performing additional sanitizing of high-touch and high-traffic areas throughout each day and ensuring that our campus is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Recently, the governor of North Carolina issued Executive Order 147 requiring face coverings in public places where distancing is not possible.  This also applies to overnight camps, so campers and sponsors will be required to bring a cloth face covering and use them in designated situations.  Camp staff and counselors will also be required to use face coverings. 

There are some exceptions to this policy including young children, medical conditions, strenuous outdoor exercise, and eating meals.  (Please refer to the full text of Executive Order 147 for the complete list of exemptions.) 

Parents or sponsors may notify camp staff at registration of any medical conditions meeting the specified criteria.  We plan to use distancing when possible and face coverings where it is not feasible. 

We believe the Lord wants to do great things during this week of camp and we are looking forward to a memorable week together.  Please contact our office at 704-434-0303 to register for Camp Barnabas or click here Camp Barnabas Registration