To request a transcript from Ambassador Baptist College, please complete the transcript request form below.

An official transcript must be mailed directly to designated institution. Please include the name and address of the organization where you wish the official transcript to be sent. Unofficial transcripts may be sent directly to the student.

The charge for any transcript is $8.00. The student’s account must be current with the Business Office before a transcript may be released.

The usual processing time for a transcript request is 48 hours. However, at the beginning or end of a semester or Christmas break, please allow at least one week for processing. Transcripts may be sent by regular U.S. mail or faxed. Any other type of special handling may necessitate an additional charge that must be paid in advance.

If you prefer not to pay online, download and complete the Transcript Request Form and mail it to the Records Office, Ambassador Baptist College, PO Box 158, Lattimore, NC 28089, or fax your request to 704-434-8331. Please remember to include payment with your request.

Billing Address

Credit Card Information

Expiration Date

Contact Information

Transcript Delivery Address


By checking this box, I am electronically signing this form and authorize Ambassador Baptist College to send a copy of my transcript to the mailing address above.

Note: if you need multiple copies of a transcript, complete this order, then look for the “Order another transcript” button at the top of the “Thank You” page.

Unless you need multiple copies, please do not submit this form more than once—you will receive an email receipt within a few hours.