The rigors and challenges of the ministry should constantly drive preachers back to the Lord and His Word. Are you an independent preacher who has a love for the Word and a desire to obtain more tools to put in your ministry toolbox? If so, please consider enrolling in the Master of Ministries program at Ambassador Baptist College.

This 36-hour masters program is designed for the preacher who is active in ministry and has a hunger to be further equipped for the ministry. The program is broken down into eight manageable modules of practical training. Each module is worth four hours of classroom credit and is offered in typical semester and summer school timeframes.

Online Modules

Advanced Preaching Concepts with Dr. Billy Martin

Every preacher should strive to be a better preacher. Along with being a better Christian, the preacher should work to refine his preaching to be the best communicator of God’s truth that he can be. For many years, Evangelist Billy Martin has been known as a preacher, orator, and statesman.

The History of Fundamentalism with Dr. Roger Luiken

A study of the past helps to reveal the way for the future. Years ago, preachers led their churches out of doctrinal error and compromise and great cost. Dr. Roger Luiken takes his class through the journey of Fundamentalism.

Advanced Apologetics with Dr. Bruce Love

The world has always challenged the beliefs of Christianity. Paul answered the skeptics on Mars Hill in Acts 17, and today’s preacher needs to be just as equipped to meet the challenging questions of society. Be challenged in your thinking as Bruce Love presents the tough questions people are asking today.

Advanced Counseling with Dr. Charles Surrett, Dr. Bruce Love, and Mr. Randy Bray

The longer you are in the ministry, the more issues you will encounter as you minister to people. Learn how to effectively counsel people in the most sensitive issues including marriage and sexual abuse. Three seasoned pastors give you sound, Scriptural principles coupled with much experience.

More Modules

More modules are coming soon.


$900 per 4 credit-hour module


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Upon acceptance, contact Matthew Hanke at [email protected] to register for your course(s).

Questions may be directed to [email protected] or [email protected].