Current Financial Information

To discover the current rates for room, board, and tuition, as well as other fees, download our financial information.

Registration per Semester

Resident Students
Full-Time Tuition: $3,432.00
Matriculation Fee: $350.00
Technology Fee: $80.00
Room and Board: $2,610.00
Total Cost for Resident Students: $

Commuting Students
Full-Time Tuition: $3,432.00
Matriculation Fee: $350.00
Vehicle Registration Fee: $30.00
Technology Fee: $80.00
Total Cost for Commuting Students: $3

Payment Plan

Tuition payments, room and board payments, and fees are due in full at the beginning of each semester. Anyone not able to pay for the semester in full will be required to enroll in the payment plan. Students on the payment plan will have their tuition and room and board payments divided into six payments, due according to the payment schedule below. All fees will be due on registration day and are non-refundable.

If a student enrolls for classes after the payment schedule has started, his payment plan will be adjusted so that he will be on schedule to have his balance paid off by the last due date for the semester (e.g., if a student enrolls in August for the fall semester, the first three payments from June 1st, July 1st, and August 1st will be due on Registration Day with the fees. He will then be on schedule with the remaining 3 payments due on September 1st, October 1st, and November 1st).

Payment Schedule

Payment Due Fall Semester Spring Semester
1st Payment Due June 1st December 1st
2nd Payment Due July 1st January 1st
Fees Due Registration Day
3rd Payment Due August 1st February 1st
Fees Due Registration Day
4th Payment Due September 1st March 1st
5th Payment Due October 1st April 1st
6th Payment Due November 1st May 1st

Pre-payment Incentive

All full-time students (12 hours minimum) can receive a $50.00 deduction from their tuition each semester by pre-paying their total tuition (not including room and board or fees) no later than June 1 (fall semester) or December 1 (spring semester).

Dorm students who are full-time (12 hours minimum) can receive a $50.00 deduction from their room and board each semester by pre-paying their total room and board (not including tuition or fees) no later than June 1 (fall semester) or December 1 (spring semester).

Note: all fees are expected to be paid in full at the time of registration.

Barnabas Scholarship

Students who have a parent in full-time Christian service and students who have two or more siblings at ABC may be eligible for the Barnabas Scholarship. This $500 scholarship is awarded each semester. Download an application here.

Alumni Scholarship

Children of graduates of ABC are eligible for a scholarship for up to $1000 per semester. Click here for more details and to download and application.

Work-Aid Positions

A limited number of positions are available for on-campus employment. Compensation is typically applied directly on the student’s school bill. The student is responsible for the remaining amount on his or her school bill that is not covered by the work-aid program.

To apply for a work-aid position in the kitchen, janitorial, maintenance, or library departments, submit an application.

Student Spouse Discount

Spouses of a student carrying a minimum of nine hours may audit classes tuition free (paying for books and fees) or take classes for credit at a discounted rate of 50%. (The pre-payment incentive does not apply.)