Since the express purpose of Ambassador Baptist College is to train Christian young people for Christian service, it is expected that those who seek admission manifest evidence of good character, a dedication to purpose, a willingness to learn, and a sincere desire to know the will of God. Such characteristics demand the utmost in personal discipline of the Christian life as related in the Word of God.

Course Catalog Application

Requirements and Recommendations

Applicants for admission to Ambassador Baptist College must have earned a high school diploma or must present evidence that they have passed the tests of General Educational Development (GED).

It is recommended that those making application for the freshman year take the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and have the results forwarded to the Office of Admissions.

Note from Dr. Comfort

Young people base their choice of a Christian college on many criteria: a beautiful campus, a generous scholarship, or extracurricular activities. The student who is serious about serving God will consider other important distinctives of the college of choice: the amount of Bible offered, practical ministry training provided, and the qualifications and experience of the faculty.

Ambassador Baptist College is in the strictest sense an “old-fashioned preacher-training institution.” Every person who graduates with a four-year degree will be able to say, “I have been from Genesis through Revelation in the classroom.” Within these Bible classes, the students learn not only the facts of Scripture, but also the application of that Scripture to everyday living. Because of the number of credit hours devoted to Bible, Ambassador Baptist College does not claim to be the college for everyone. Our curriculum is geared to the serious-minded student who desires to make his life count for God and for eternity.

While you are seeking God’s will for college, you may also be seeking God’s will for your life. You may not be certain that God has full-time Christian service for you. The best place to determine God’s will for one’s life is in a Bible college atmosphere where there is daily preaching and teaching of God’s Word. The Certificate in Bible is an excellent course of study for someone honestly desiring to know the will of God. The credits earned will transfer toward any other degree at Ambassador or will also transfer to another Christian liberal arts college. A Bible foundation is needful for every Christian layperson.

At Ambassador Baptist College, every professor is qualified both academically and practically. Each can draw from years of ministry experience as he teaches, giving the students a practical knowledge of ministry as opposed to mere theory.

Because Ambassador Baptist College is distinctively Independent Baptist, each student must be an actively involved member of an Independent Baptist church in the area. This involvement includes faithfulness to all weekly and special services, as well as at least two hours of weekly soulwinning visitation for the local church.

A young lady at Ambassador Baptist College is prepared not for a career but for a ministry. Her practical training will prepare her to be the wife of a full-time Christian worker or a staff worker in a ministry. Every lady who graduates will have a basic, practical knowledge of piano, sign language for the deaf, and church ministries, as well as a thorough Bible background.

If your heart yearns for Bible training in a family atmosphere of joyful, dedicated and focused men and women preparing for Christian service, Ambassador Baptist College may be God’s choice for you.

Because of Calvary,
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Dr. Ron Comfort, Chancellor