A college education is one of life’s most important decisions, and for a Christian, the will of God is vital. During the years of college education, many life-impacting and life-changing decisions will be made. What better place to make those decisions than in a Bible-centered, family-oriented college that places supreme importance on obedience to Scripture and the value of the individual?

Ambassador Baptist College is unique in that it is a single-focus college—training men and women for full-time Christian service. Our curriculum is designed with the ministry in mind. Every class, every chapel message, every social activity, every function of the college aims toward preparation for Christian service. Perhaps you are unsure about a call to ministry, but have a heart for God and His will. What better place to determine the will of God than in a warm-hearted Bible college atmosphere?

Thank you for your interest in Ambassador Baptist College. If God directs you to prepare for ministry here, it will be our joy to help give you the tools needed for effective, fruitful Christian service.

Because of Calvary,
Ron Comfort signature
Dr. Ron Comfort, Chancellor