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Sermons from Bible Conference 2017

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It Didn’t Seem Like A Long Service
Dr. David Atkinson March 24, 2017 PM Acts 20:6-1251 min.
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The Faithfulness of Moses
Pastor Greg Allison March 24, 2017 AM Hebrews 3:1-636 min.
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Assurance of Salvation
Dr. Ron Comfort March 24, 2017 AM 1 John 5:9-1347 min.
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Quieting Down Ambition (Part 2)
Dr. David Atkinson March 23, 2017 PM Psalm 13147 min.
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Do You See Obstacles or Opportunities?
Pastor Mike Edwards March 23, 2017 AM Numbers 13:26-3336 min.
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Being Hobbled by God
Pastor Finley Cutshaw March 23, 2017 AM Genesis 32:24-3236 min.
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The Bible Stands
Dr. Ron Comfort March 22, 2017 2 Timothy 3:16-1745 min.
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Getting Out Of The Discouragement Hole
Pastor T H Moore March 22, 2017 Exodus 5:22-6:836 min.
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The Rapture
Dr. Ron Comfort March 21, 2017 PM 1 Thessalonians 4:13-1856 min.
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Why We Should Not Worry
Pastor Greg Mutsch March 21, 2017 AM Matthew 6:19-3341 min.
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Quieting Down Ambition
Dr. David Atkinson March 21, 2017 AM Psalm 13132 min.
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Isn’t That Just Like The Lord?
Dr. David Atkinson March 20, 2017 PM John 21:1-1245 min.
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The City of God
Pastor Greg Mutsch March 20, 2017 AM Revelation 2137 min.
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Do You Know God?
Dr. Ken Walters March 20, 2017 AM Acts 17:15-2337 min.
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