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Sermons from Spring Semester 2017

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When God Gives a Whoopin’
Dr. Alton Beal March 10, 2017 Hebrews 12:5-1144 min.
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The Spiritual War For The Nations
Mr. Darren Myers March 9, 2017 Psalm 245 min.
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We Do Not Well
Pastor Jon McConkey March 7, 2017 2 Kings 6:24-7:958 min.
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The Focus of Your Ministry
Missionary Bob Reed March 6, 2017 Matthew 20:1-1538 min.
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Your Personal Walk With God
Pastor Thomas Brookshire March 3, 2017 1 Timothy 4:11-1640 min.
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Are You a Follower of Jesus?
Pastor Robert Wall March 2, 2017 Matthew 8:19-2237 min.
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The Return Of Your Investment
Pastor Robert Wall February 28, 2017 2 Timothy 4:1-839 min.
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The Love of God
Pastor Ken Mason February 27, 2017 1 John 3:1-347 min.
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The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Richard Callahan February 24, 2017 Ephesians 5:13-1743 min.
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God’s Word Still Works
Pastor Larry Duffer February 23, 2017 Matthew 16:1846 min.
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The Foolishness Of Faith
Evangelist Rich Tozour February 21, 2017 Hebrews 11:8-1949 min.
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Jehovah Vs. Judah
Mr. Mike Salyer February 20, 2017 Isaiah 5:1-730 min.
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Are You Motivated?
Mr. Seth Cuthbertson February 20, 2017 Mark 16:1526 min.
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When You Don’t Know How Or What to Pray
Pastor Greg Powell February 17, 2017 Romans 8:26-2742 min.
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Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition
Pastor Rusty Wolfrey February 16, 2017 Nehemiah 6:1-232 min.
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The Greatest
Pastor Jim Ogle February 14, 2017 1 Corinthians 1349 min.
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Blessings of Prison House Experiences
Pastor Nathan Deatrick February 13, 2017 Genesis 39-4042 min.
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The Wind of the Spirit
Pastor Tracey Jones February 10, 2017 John 3:1-1039 min.
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Four Ingredients For Effective Prayer
Evangelist Jeremiah Clark February 9, 2017 1 Samuel 1:1-1933 min.
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My Father’s Business
Pastor Stephen Schwanke February 7, 2017 Luke 2:4943 min.
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Three Temptations for Jesus the Minister
Pastor Nick Vance February 6, 2017 Luke 4_1-1343 min.
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Jesus Came
Dr. Charles Surrett February 3, 2017 Matthew 16:13-1546 min.
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Reckoning His Death
Pastor Nathan Beam February 2, 2017 Exodus 15:23-2738 min.
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The Master Hunter
Dr. Joel Spencer January 31, 2017 1 Peter 5:840 min.
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Wisdom from Above
Pastor Frank Camp January 30, 2017 James 1:5-842 min.
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God’s Way in Working Through My Weakness
Pastor Billy Ingram January 27, 2017 2 Corinthians 12:7-1040 min.
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Being Alone
Dr. Alton Beal January 26, 2017 2 Timothy 4:1630 min.
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Breaking The Cycle Of Conflict
Pastor Tony Facenda January 24, 2017 Acts 6:1-742 min.
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My Rock
Pastor Norman Johnston January 23, 2017 2 Samuel 2250 min.
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God Specializes in Meeting Needs
Dr. Bruce Love January 20, 2017 Matthew 17:24-2732 min.
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Lessons on Being Peculiar
Pastor Dan Caldwell January 19, 2017 Psalm 7133 min.
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The Way Of Balaam
Mr. Matthew Hanke January 17, 2017 2 Peter 2:15-1643 min.
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Spiritual Stability
Dr. Bill Dillon January 16, 2017 Phillipians 4:1-829 min.
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