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Sermons from Spring Revival Services 2016

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A Covetous Fool
Evangelist Morris Gleiser January 15, 2016 PM Luke 12:13-2167 min.
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Reading The Mind of Zacchaeus
Dr. Ron Comfort January 15, 2016 AM Luke 19:1-1051 min.
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The Practical Aspects of the Second Coming of Christ
Dr. Ron Comfort January 14, 2016 PM Acts 3:19-2062 min.
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Watch Where You Are Going
Evangelist Morris Gleiser January 14, 2016 AM 1 Samuel 1-355 min.
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Anger in the Heart of the Disciple
Evangelist Morris Gleiser January 13, 2016 Matthew 5:21-2653 min.
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The Great White Throne Judgment
Dr. Ron Comfort January 12, 2016 PM Revelation 20:11-1558 min.
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The Devil is a Liar
Evangelist Morris Gleiser January 12, 2016 AM Genesis 3:1-1052 min.
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The Judgment Seat of Christ
Dr. Ron Comfort January 11, 2016 PM 1 Cor 3:11-1552 min.
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What is a Disciple?
Evangelist Morris Gleiser January 11, 2016 AM Matthew 10:24-2743 min.
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