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Sermons from Landmark Conference 2014

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What Right Does God Have To My Body?
Evangelist Tom Farrell July 18, 2014 PM 1 Corinthians 6:18-2064 min.
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Overcoming Fear
Evangelist Jake D’Andrea July 18, 2014 AM Phillipians 4:4-658 min.
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Pastor Marc Monte July 18, 2014 AM Ephesians 4:3244 min.
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How To Be Biblically Happy
Evangelist Tom Farrell July 17, 2014 PM Psalm 1:1-638 min.
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The Secret Place
Pastor Marc Monte July 17, 2014 AM Psalm 91:1-440 min.
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Breaking the Cycle
Evangelist Jake D’Andrea July 17, 2014 AM 2 Peter 3:17-18 156 min.
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If You Go to Hell
Evangelist Tom Farrell July 16, 2014 Camp Service Luke 16:14-3173 min.
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The Three Negatives of Contentment
Evangelist Jake D’Andrea July 16, 2014 AM Philippians 4:10-1350 min.
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The God of ‘Again’
Pastor Marc Monte July 16, 2014 AM Jeremiah 18:1-440 min.
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The Bitterness of Backsliding
Evangelist Tom Farrell July 15, 2014 PM Genesis 13:1-1363 min.
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Why Does the Flesh Always Seem to Win?
Evangelist Jake D’Andrea July 15, 2014 AM Romans 7:18-1942 min.
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The Prodigal Son
Pastor Marc Monte July 15, 2014 AM Luke 15:11-2441 min.
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An Attitude of Gratitude
Evangelist Tom Farrell July 14, 2014 PM Ephesians 5:18-2143 min.
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