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Sermons from Fall Revival Services 2013

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Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God
Pastor Dave Stertzbach October 17, 2013 Jeremiah 33:336 min.
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Are You Even Conscious?
Evangelist Dwight Smith August 30, 2013 PM Psalm 13957 min.
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God Is Worthy
Dr. Alton Beal August 30, 2013 AM Revelation 5:7-1243 min.
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Is Revival Possible?
Evangelist Dwight Smith August 29, 2013 PM 2 Chronicles 28, 29, 3355 min.
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Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart
Dr. Alton Beal August 29, 2013 AM Psalm 119:1143 min.
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The Power of In
Evangelist Dwight Smith August 28, 2013 Ephesians 155 min.
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Warning Label: Beware of a Critical Spirit
Evangelist Dwight Smith August 27, 2013 PM 2 Samuel 6:16-2250 min.
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Powerful Prayer
Dr. Alton Beal August 27, 2013 AM Psalm 66:17-2049 min.
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Who Am I?
Evangelist Dwight Smith August 26, 2013 PM Genesis 1367 min.
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Pursuing God
Dr. Alton Beal August 26, 2013 AM Jeremiah 2:1-947 min.
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