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Sermons from Landmark Conference 2013

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The Last Prayer of Samson
Evangelist Richard Harper July 19, 2013 PM Judges 14:21-3157 min.
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Lukewarm Christianity
Evangelist Mike Pelletier July 19, 2013 AM Revelation 3:14-1748 min.
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If Thou Forbear…
Missionary Dalton Heath July 19, 2013 AM Proverbs 24:11-1243 min.
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A Leader to Follow
Missionary Dalton Heath July 18, 2013 PM Genesis 18:17-1954 min.
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One Sin Too Many
Evangelist Richard Harper July 18, 2013 AM Numbers 20:1-1350 min.
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Evangelist Mike Pelletier July 18, 2013 AM Revelation 20:1-352 min.
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What Happens When You Don’t Purpose
Evangelist Richard Harper July 17, 2013 Camp Service Daniel 148 min.
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God’s Will is Best
Evangelist Mike Pelletier July 17, 2013 AM Exodus 3:1-656 min.
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Missionary Dalton Heath July 17, 2013 AM John 9:1-3841 min.
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When the Stranger Cometh
Missionary Dalton Heath July 16, 2013 PM 1 Kings 8:41-4345 min.
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How to Choose the Wrong Leader
Evangelist Richard Harper July 16, 2013 AM 1 Samuel 8:4-5,18-9:239 min.
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Why Live for Christ?
Evangelist Mike Pelletier July 16, 2013 AM Proverbs 29:1847 min.
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The Call of Moses
Evangelist Richard Harper July 15, 2013 PM Exodus 3:1-4:1747 min.
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