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Sermons from Bible Conference 2012

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How to Get the King, Part 3
Dr. David Atkinson March 23, 2012 PM 1 Kings 22:29-3157 min.
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The Feast of the Trumpets
Mr. Craig Hartman March 23, 2012 AM Leviticus 23:23-2537 min.
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Just Keep on Walking
Pastor Dave McClellan March 23, 2012 AM Joshua 6:1-540 min.
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The Feast of Sabbaths
Mr. Craig Hartman March 22, 2012 PM Leviticus 23:15-2143 min.
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The Antichrist
Dr. Ron Comfort March 22, 2012 PM Revelation 13:1-958 min.
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The Cutting Edge
Dr. Ed Nelson March 22, 2012 AM 2 Kings 6:1-732 min.
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How to Get the King Part 2
Dr. David Atkinson March 22, 2012 AM 1 Kings 22:29-3140 min.
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The Life of Jacob
Dr. Ed Nelson March 21, 2012 AM Genesis 3244 min.
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The Judgments of Revelation
Mr. Craig Hartman March 21, 2012 AM Revelation 6; 8; 9; 1653 min.
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The Prophets: Do They Live Forever?
Pastor Tim Cruse March 20, 2012 PM Zechariah 1:533 min.
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The Fulness of The Spirit
Dr. Ed Nelson March 20, 2012 PM Ephesians 5:18-6:947 min.
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The Characteristics of a Good Soldier
Pastor Bill Bethea March 20, 2012 AM 2 Timothy 2:3-438 min.
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How to Get the King
Dr. David Atkinson March 20, 2012 AM 1 Kings 22:29-3134 min.
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What Mean These Stones?
Pastor Ken Walters March 19, 2012 PM Joshua 4:21-2429 min.
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The Making of the Maker
Dr. David Atkinson March 19, 2012 PM John 1:1-1427 min.
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The Sin of Gossip
Pastor Benny Bagwell March 19, 2012 AM Genesis 39:11-1936 min.
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Requirements of a Good Minister
Dr. Ed Nelson March 19, 2012 AM 1 Timothy 4:6-1648 min.
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