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Sermons from Landmark Conference 2010

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Sound Advice for Young People
Dr. Raymond Barber July 23, 2010 PM 1 Timothy 4:12-1348 min.
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The Plunge of Faith
Dr. Alton Beal July 23, 2010 Afternoon Hebrews 11:125 min.
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What to Do When You Receive a Bloody Coat
Dr. Marc Monte July 23, 2010 AM Genesis 37:31-3348 min.
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What Is Your Purpose in Life?
Dr. Doug Jackson July 23, 2010 AM 1 Corinthians 1:29-32,3545 min.
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The Name above Every Name
Dr. Raymond Barber July 22, 2010 PM Philippians 3:5-1142 min.
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A Prayer for Good Conduct
Dr. Doug Jackson July 22, 2010 Afternoon Psalm 19:1446 min.
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Being a Soulwinner
Dr. Doug Jackson July 22, 2010 AM Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:46-48; Acts 1:845 min.
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A Case Study in Regret
Pastor Marc Monte July 22, 2010 AM John 18:28-19:743 min.
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Almost Imperceptible
Dr. Marc Monte July 21, 2010 Camp Service Luke 22:47-5442 min.
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Stay in the Field
Pastor Nathan Deatrick July 21, 2010 Afternoon Ruth 2:4-859 min.
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The Throne Room of God
Dr. Doug Jackson July 21, 2010 AM Isaiah 6:1-951 min.
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One Last Judgment
Dr. Kevin Folger July 21, 2010 AM Revelation 20:11-1538 min.
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The Smell of Sawdust
Dr. Marc Monte July 20, 2010 PM 2 Timothy 1:6-844 min.
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Life After Bad Decisions
Dr. Marc Monte July 20, 2010 Afternoon 1 Chronicles 29: 9-1847 min.
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What Do These Stones Mean?
Dr. Kevin Folger July 20, 2010 AM Joshua 4:1-936 min.
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Press Toward the Mark
Dr. Doug Jackson July 20, 2010 AM Philippians 3:13-1455 min.
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Dreams that Become a Reality
Dr. Kevin Folger July 19, 2010 PM Genesis 37:1-740 min.
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