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Sermons from Bible Conference 2008

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Then Came Jesus
Pastor David Atkinson March 22, 2008 PM 38 min.
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God Is Able
Pastor Mike Edwards March 21, 2008 AM 47 min.
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Being Prepared for the Hardships of the Ministry
Pastor Max Barton March 21, 2008 AM 36 min.
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Three R’s in the School of Temptation
Evangelist Tom Farrell March 20, 2008 PM 37 min.
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Hush: the Lullabies of the Lord
Pastor David Atkinson March 20, 2008 PM 53 min.
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Perfect Prayer
Pastor Jeff Amsbaugh March 20, 2008 AM 43 min.
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Learning to Say Yes or No
Pastor David Smith March 20, 2008 AM 45 min.
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Finish His Work
Evangelist Neil Cadwell March 19, 2008 AM 44 min.
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Dr. Kevin Folger March 19, 2008 AM 32 min.
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The Dangers of Living in the Uttermost Parts of the Camp
Pastor David Atkinson March 18, 2008 PM 52 min.
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A Christ-Honoring Church
Dr. Kevin Folger March 18, 2008 PM 30 min.
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Worse than the Heathen
Pastor Rusty Smith March 18, 2008 AM 50 min.
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God Is All You Really Need
Pastor Marc Monte March 18, 2008 AM 44 min.
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God’s Blessing on Caleb
Dr. Kevin Folger March 17, 2008 PM 38 min.
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As Though Not Anointed
Pastor Steve Love March 17, 2008 PM 44 min.
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Young Men Shouting and Old Men Weeping
Pastor Ken Walters March 17, 2008 AM 35 min.
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Witnessing in the Powerful Name of Jesus
Pastor Tim Daniels March 17, 2008 AM 37 min.
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