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Sermons from Landmark Conference 2006

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A Lie to the Father
Pastor Kurt Skelly August 14, 2006 59 min.
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We Need Nazarites
Pastor Kurt Skelly July 14, 2006 72 min.
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Bow Down or Burn Up
Evangelist David Cajiuat July 14, 2006 52 min.
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There is Strength in Weakness
Pastor Kurt Skelly July 13, 2006 58 min.
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The Road to Revival
Pastor Greg McLaughlin July 13, 2006 49 min.
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Being a Dynamic Teenager
Evangelist David Cajiuat July 13, 2006 55 min.
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The Reality of Hell
Evangelist David Cajiuat July 12, 2006 36 min.
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The Grace of God in Unanswered Prayer
Pastor Greg McLauglin July 12, 2006 50 min.
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Jehoiada: the Man Behind the Scenes
Pastor Chuck Phelps July 12, 2006 37 min.
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Wasted Potential
Evangelist David Cajiuat July 11, 2006 47 min.
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Revival Questions Answered
Pastor Chuck Phelps July 11, 2006 44 min.
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Going Around in Circles
Pastor Greg McLaughlin July 11, 2006 42 min.
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A Mad Man Who Became a Missionary
Pastor Chuck Phelps July 10, 2006 50 min.
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