2019 Missions Conference at ABC

World evangelization is of the greatest importance at ABC.  On October 28 through November 1, ABC will be hosting its annual missions conference.  This year’s featured theme is “I Love To Tell The Story,” and the speaker for the week is veteran missionary Ron White.  Brother White has spent the majority of his ministry in the country of Japan and now travels across the country and around the globe in spreading the Gospel.

The 9:50 am chapels will be streamed live at ambassadors.edu, YouTube, and on the college Facebook page.  Each service will have a missionary testimony, ministry presentations, great music, and preaching on missions.  You will not want to miss these services.

Missionaries will be challenging the students on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at 6:30 pm during the Mission Prayer Band sessions.  The week will conclude with a banquet on Friday night featuring Brazilian food and a question and answer time with the missionaries in attendance.

Here are a few reasons why you should watch at least one service . . .

  1. Every Christian needs to spread the Gospel, and hence is a missionary.
  2. God may want you to go as a missionary to a foreign field.
  3. Every Christian should be involved in the missionary endeavor (giving, going, praying, etc.)
  4. You need to stop listening to “bad news” and be encouraged by the “good news” of the Gospel.