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“Now then, we are Ambassadors for Christ…” 2 Cor. 5:20

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A Word from the Chancellor

For quite some time, the faculty members of Ambassador Baptist College have discussed the potential of increasing our graduate programs. Everything that is implemented at ABC is for the purpose of preparing men and women to serve God in the ministry. No decisions are made simply to increase the number in the student body or to generate income for the college. Thus the increased graduate programs of study are a result of a burden to better prepare men for ministry.

It has been disappointing to learn that some Ambassador graduates who have been taught a solid, biblical foundation and philosophy of ministry have had that foundation challenged and even shaken in some of the seminaries to which they have gone for post-graduate work. On the other hand, several ABC graduates have informed us that many of the courses they have taken in graduate studies at various seminaries were actually duplicates of what they received in their undergraduate program at Ambassador.

After much prayer, discussion, and consideration, the faculty and administration of Ambassador Baptist College have concluded that it is necessary that we offer several advanced degrees in our graduate program. The more that we can offer to prepare men for the complex society in which they will be ministering, the greater will be the eternal benefits reaped.

We have no model but the Bible and no example but Jesus Christ. It is our prayer that our preachers will be “thoroughly furnished unto all good works” through the training received within the halls of Ambassador Baptist College.

Because of Calvary,

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Dr. Ron Comfort, Chancellor

A Word from Dr. Charles Surrett

The Graduate program of Ambassador Baptist College is unique in the same way that our undergraduate program is unique. This includes a strong emphasis on Bible and practical theology, plus a desire to impart Ambassador’s philosophy of ministry, while maintaining high academic standards. The strong emphasis on Bible is seen in the requirement of at least sixty hours of Bible courses as the entrance requirements for some programs and as the graduation requirement for another.

The teaching of our ministry philosophy is to be accomplished through residence work, including chapel attendance, either at the undergraduate or graduate level. The high academic standards are demonstrated in the fact that nearly all of the courses will be taught by faculty who have earned academic degrees beyond the levels which they teach. The fact that Ambassador’s faculty consists of people with many years of ministry experience is helpful, as is the fact that those faculty members who teach at the undergraduate level will not teach the advanced versions of those same subjects at the graduate level. With all of this, Ambassador seeks to maintain a strong evangelistic, local church emphasis for the ministry.


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Dr. Charles Surrett

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