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Ambassador Baptist College

“Now then, we are Ambassadors for Christ…” 2 Cor. 5:20

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History of ABC

History of ABC

Often throughout Ron Comfort’s first twenty-nine years in the ministry of evangelism, God spoke to his heart about the need for a school that would be comparable to a technical school, singly focused on training young people for full-time Christian service. Whereas there were many good Christian colleges, there were only a few that had a single focus of producing young people exclusively for the ministry. In 1986, while Evangelist Comfort was ministering in Germany, God assured him that he would be in some way involved in a Christian college ministry. In October, 1987, while preaching an evangelistic campaign in Sellersville, Pennsylvania, he surrendered to start Ambassador Baptist College.

For two years, Dr. Comfort crossed America preaching to pastor’s fellowships telling them of his direction, philosophy, and plans for a ministry-focused college. Also, during that time, he was able to raise $400,000, the seed money needed to open the college in the fall of 1989.

During the two years of preparation, a constant effort was made to determine a suitable location for the college. Many criteria were taken into consideration: an area where students would have soul-winning potential, an area with several independent Baptist churches in which the students could be involved, the cost of living, the job market, and a moderate climate, conducive to economical operating expenses. This list of requisites became a prayer list, as well as considerations in locating the college.

Through the definite leadership of the Holy Spirit, God directed Dr. Comfort to a recently vacated Christian school campus in Shelby, North Carolina. Ambassador Baptist College opened its doors in that rented facility in August, 1989 with an enrollment of thirty-seven students. In the following years as the Lord blessed with steady growth in the student body, faculty, and staff, it became obvious that the Shelby campus was not the ultimate location.

In the summer of 1994, the college leadership began to explore the possibility of purchasing a vacated public school campus in Lattimore, North Carolina, just eleven miles from the founding location. Since 1936, the Lattimore school had housed both elementary and secondary schools and consisted of five buildings. The town of Lattimore afforded a quiet atmosphere conducive to a Bible college atmosphere. In 1994, the town had approximately 150 residents and was labeled a peaceful community where vandalism was virtually unknown. With open arms, the community accepted Ambassador, and the campus was purchased. For the next two and one-half years, ABC’s maintenance staff and work crews from many churches completely remodeled and renovated the entire facility, working diligently to bring all construction in line with current building and safety codes. After many delays and obstacles were overcome, occupancy permits were granted, and the college relocated in January of 1997.

Since then, the Lord has enabled us to make continual improvements in grounds and facilities. In the year 2000, permanent dormitories were constructed for the ladies, and dormitories for men would follow a few years later. A building adjoined to the college property was purchased in 2005. This facility had been the home to several businesses in its history and provided an ideal place for the college bookstore, coffee shop and student center. After renovations were complete, the Alumni Commons was opened and dedicated in 2007. In May of 2009, Dr. Comfort became the Chancellor, and Dr. Alton Beal was installed as the second president of Ambassador. The present and future mission of Ambassador Baptist College is to train men and women for full-time ministry in independent Baptist churches. While we constantly seek to improve in every area, we intend by God’s grace never to move from the foundational principles upon which we were established.